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How do I buy multiple/bundle stores?


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  • Wizzard1222

    During the Dec 19th training at the 9 minute mark... Mike details and shows the present method of purchases for the 1st store, next 4 stores and then final agency 10 store package.   In his words of summary after purchasing the 3 packages of $497 for about the total of $1500 that would give you 11 stores to average $100...!  ..?

    However to pay nearly $1500 for the 3 store package purchase to average $100 that would mean to obtain  1 store for annual purchase package + 4 stores for the 2nd annual purchase package and + 10 stores for the 3rd annual purchase package.  Equals 15 stores for the nearly $1500 purchase to average $100 per store.

    I think Michael miss spoke with the paid store being only 11 when he meant to say 15 stores.

    Otherwise the average for 11 stores in NO WHERE near $100 average but $136.++ per store.


    Also  Why does this related explanation Now show that the 3rd Agency named purchase requires 2 x the $497 purchase to obtain the 10 additional store package....?   That does not match what was shown and displayed by Michael in the Dec 19th Training....!





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