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How to INSTALL and CONFIGURE GK AliConnect App and Chrome Extension Plugin.



  • Kish Stiles

    I was able to connect my aliconnect to my store. But how do you import Aliexpress items from its site into my store? I am not seeing anything on aliexpress for me to import the items to my store.

  • Ricardo Arbois Jr

    Hi Kish,

    I was in the same shoes you are in. What I did was, I went to my Aliconnect App, and disabled and enabled the 2 test products and they immediately showed in my products section. It could be that you have to clear your cache or their may be a bug since Groovekart is in beta. I hope this information I've shared here helps you.

  • Matt Serralta

    Hey Guys Good comments... 


    There are two types of import successfull ones and semi successful ones. AliExpress does not provide an API to download their products. So we have to use what's called a product parser, where we use logic to read a website and try to rebuild it on GK. That's why sometime it looks very nice and sometime not as nice. 

    IF the product is easy to get they go straight into your store. You still need to check it, Variants, Prices, and etc. 

    IF the product is more difficult, and GK is not 100% sure about the quality of the import, it will be get the product but will hold it in the GK Aliexpres menu for you . So please go to AliExpress, and look at your products. Find the ones with a red mark and click the mark. It will turn green, and at that time the product is iin your store. 

    Please go tio the product and review it carefully. 

    If you do not like the way the variants look you may modify the type of Variant in the variant options accessible in the product tab "Manage Variants " on top. 

    Also because Ali loads all products only when you desire to read it, if you want to move the ALI express to GK, you must scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and back up before pressing the update button.


    One last thing,. This week, 10/8/2018. We are making lots of changes to this app to clean it up a bit and add functionality. 


  • Ricardo Arbois Jr

    HI Matt,

    Thanks for the clarification. Looking forward to the training and future updates. I greatly appreciate what you and the GK Team do. 


  • Mike Filsaime

    Hey guys I added a video an edited this article to make it easier. I am now working on a video to make an article on how to import items to your store form Ali-Express.



  • Ricardo Arbois Jr

    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for keeping us informed. Groovekart is the bomb! I am super excited about the future updates. Wish you all the best!



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