I just purchased a Groovekart store-How do I get access to my store?

If you purchased a store and did not receive your login credentials follow the steps below:

Before you move to the steps, check your spam on the email you used to register with. Many times you will find your login credentials there. This is likely the case 99% of the time. If you are still unable to find that email move to the following steps and watch the video below for accessing your store. Once you have accessed your store you can always access your administration area by going to yourstorename.groovekart.com/administration. NOTE: Insert the name of your store in place of yourstorename, at the beginning of that URL. 

1. Go to http://my.groovekart.com 

2. Click on the forgot password blue hyperlink

3. Choose any password you want and then go to your email and retrieve your 6 digit code and enter that in the box and hit submit. 

4. Enter your email and new password in the next page and click submit.

5. Then choose which area you wish to log in to. 

See the video below for step by step walk thru:

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